Hello There ...

If you happen to open this page, I think you’re a little bit curious about who I am, lol …

No, I really don’t mind if you want to read more. 😉

This lil blog space that I created is to share my excitement about what i am thinking. This includes art, movies, and just everything in between! It consists of personal thoughts, honest opinions, and (hopefully!) informative stuff.

This blog was created solely because I like to ramble about things that I love or I don’t love, maybe.


Let me introduce myself: My name is Anggrianti Enansi, but to some, I am known Enna. But here I want to create something new. So, you can call me Anggi. I’m currently in my 20s and pursuing my degree in informatics engineering.

In the past few months, I have tried to do handwriting, reading, and watching, although it is almost impossible to do it all at the same time. Given that I am still struggling with my future programming and software, but I thankful for that.

If you really want to talk to me, anything, stories even secret, or maybe business inquiries, let me know! Approach me here:

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